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Nanna Soul

Nanna Soul

Gloss Digital Print 

My nanna Soul was one of the most caring people you could ever meet. Without judgement she held you, she helped you, she listened. She taught us this is how you treat people. Her wisdom passed down from generation to generation. Crossing bloodlines and skin colour and all the way to me. I hope to always hold her words in my heart.
Some of my earliest memories I have are me sitting on her lap playing with her paper thin skin.. she always wore big fluffy pink socks and pink slippers.
We all miss her, especially my Nanna Dillon who now wears her own slippers, fluffy socks and has paper thin skin. I cherish the time we have together nanna, I appreciate your kindness, the way you hold me without judgement, the way you help me in my times of need. I hope one day people say the same of me. As someone who gives, someone who listens, someone who helps without judgement. This one is for you 🩷

Between Worlds Series

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