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The World is Infected

The World is Infected

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The colonisers of this world are a disease. There are war crimes occurring left right and centre and no matter how much we scream the fucking leaders refuse to do anything. With every day 1000s of lives are lost. With every hour there are new war crimes being committed. The colonisers of our world are always to blame. They take and take and take! It burns my heart with sorrow. This has to end. Who is going to stop them. Who is going to save these people, and who will be held accountable for all the people we have lost. I’m calling on the resilience of my ancestors, who suffered the same types of massacres only 260 years ago right here. We continue to have to stand by and watch the YT people continue to take from us. Our land, our oceans, our wild life and our lives. When does it end. When will we all be free

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